To whom it may concern

This letter confirms our wholehearted recognition and approval of Hillary Kieft as an advocate for the PRO-LIFE movement.

Our friendship with Hillary goes back 5 Years and we have been thrilled to watch her steady passion grow and develop as she confronts head on the dark clouds of ABORTION/PARENTEL CONSENT etc…

Hillary’s own personal journey in this field has been highly emotional and traumatic yet she maintains a composure and resilience in the face of opposition that is admirable.

We would highly recommend Hillary opt your church, school or college to be a speaker.

Steven and Emma Dunne


To Whom It May Concern;

Hillary Kieft has invited me to provide a reference in support of her. I tender my following observations of Hillary with pleasure.

My personal knowledge of Hillary goes back nearly 20 years when we were farming down the road from her and her husband.

Hillary has always impressed with her involvement in the community and has become a mentor and a wonderful role model to many. Her determination yet fair approach has made her many friends and supporters and her ability to debate issues with a forthright, respectful approach has earned her respect and ensured that when she speaks, she is listened to.

With these characteristics I have no hesitation in supporting Hillary in her future endeavours.

Grant Boyde

Dear Pastor,

I first met Hillary Kieft at a public meeting in Stratford in 2012 when she told me her story and expressed a determination that no parents should have to undergo what she and her husband Peter have experienced.

Since then she has become a committed apostle for the pro-life cause, speaking in churches, on television and before the Parliamentary Justice and Electoral Select Committee for Parental Notification and at Voice for Life national conferences.

She has a compassion for women and men who have been involved with abortion and speaks with quiet authority from her own background.

Having been involved in church presentations myself for three years in the Auckland region from 2001 to 2004, I know how important it is for pastors and ministers to be reassured that the speaker they invite into their church will be sensitive to members of the congregation that may be hurting from involvement with abortion.

I certainly recommend Hillary as a deeply spiritual woman who I believe God has called to speak to the churches and awaken an awareness of how abortion impacts on thousands of wounded men and women throughout this land.

Bernard Moran

Communications Manager and former National President, Voice for Life Inc

The first time I met Hillary was at a public event where I was the guest speaker, and after I had spoken she shared the harrowing story about how abortion had tragically impacted her family and all most cost them a beloved daughter.

In the many years since I have remained inspired by Hillary’s willingness and courage to be a voice without fear or compromise.

She has been publicly ridiculed for her willingness to say what needs to be said, even when it is unpopular to do so, but she has never responded with anything but a quiet and gracious charity to such attacks.

Hillary’s message is vitally important for New Zealand families, and her willingness to speak truthfully about this difficult issue is something to be admired by all of us.

My hope is that many more people will hear Hillary’s message and be inspired and motivated to start speaking up about the things that matter just like she and her family have been willing to do.

Brendan Malone

Focus on the Family NZ